Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner again listed in JUVE Ranking of Top Law Firms

In the recently published 20th edition of the renowned "JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2017/2018" Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner was again included in the Ranking of the Top Law Firms in Cologne and in the category "Other Leading Law Firms for M&A". Therewith Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner is listed for seven years in a row in a field which is otherwise predominantly operated by major law firms.

The enrolment of firms into the ranking of the leading Handbook for Law Firms in Germany is based on information gathered by the JUVE-editorial office. For the recently published edition the 31-man editorial team of JUVE has conducted numerous interviews and written inquiries with lawyers in Germany and abroad as well as their respective clients.

Quotation (Translation of the German edition of the Handbook):

The basis of Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner's business is a constantly expanding M&A practice, which has established itself in the market for mid-sized transactions and therefore can manage a steady dealflow. […]. The recommended firm from Cologne has also increasingly managed to generate ongoing business from its transaction work, which has brought more and more clients to the corporate practice, such as the mandate for an Australian company which Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner advised regarding customer cooperation agreements. New is the field of banking and finance law, for which Dr. Jens Störring stands, who is also a lawyer at the BHF Bank. The advice on labor law and intellectual property increasingly completes the offer beyond the transaction business."

Strengths: M&A transactions.

In addition, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner is mentioned in the category "Other Leading Law Firms for M&A" again as follows:

Quotation (Translation of the German edition of the Handbook):

Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner from Cologne is firmly established on the mid-cap market segment. On the one hand, they steadily expand their mandate portfolio due to giving regular advice to private equity firms such as BE and the Kajo Neukirchen Group. On the other hand, their good reputation ensures that they generate more and more business through recommendations, such as the mandate of a shareholder who sold its shares in several companies. Competitors praise name partner Dirk Classen as 'fast and precise'.”

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