Press quotes

"The 'quick and competent' team of ten at Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner is 'very professional, integer and solution-oriented' and is especially recommended for its expertise in the M&A sector. In addition to national and cross-border transaction support, one can score with experience in labor law, commercial and corporate law and in the process area. Further areas of focus are contract law, industrial property protection and banking and capital markets law. [...]"

The Legal 500 Germany 2018

The basis of Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner's business is a constantly expanding M&A practice, which has established itself in the market for mid-sized transactions and therefore can manage a steady dealflow. […]. The recommended firm from Cologne has also increasingly managed to generate ongoing business from its transaction work […]."

"Strengths: M&A transactions […]."

"Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner from Cologne is firmly established on the mid-cap market segment. On the one hand, they steadily expand their mandate portfolio due to giving regular advice to private equity firms such as BE and the Kajo Neukirchen Group. On the other hand, their good reputation ensures that they generate more and more business through recommendations, such as the mandate of a shareholder who sold its shares in several companies. Competitors praise name partner Dirk Classen as 'fast and precise'.”

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2017/2018

"A recommended firm in Cologne whose centerpiece is a flourishing M&A practice, which has established itself in the market for midsized transactions. Core clients […] continue to provide an ample workload […]. The firm has also increasingly managed to generate ongoing business from transaction work, which has brought more and more clients to the corporate practice. In addition, employment and IP advice rounds out the firm’s palette."

"Deals in the mid-cap segment are the mainstay of Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner from Cologne. Regular clients […] ensure a good utilization rate, […], as do recommendations, which led to work for a listed utility."

"Strengths: M&A transactions […]."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2016/2017

"[…] Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner focuses on cross-border transactions, including the advice on corporate legal issues, often private equity related, and has a 'great expertise' in this area. Due to this specialization, they are especially mandated by national and international companies, including family owned businesses, as well as private equity investors."

The Legal 500 Germany 2017

"With quick reactions and deal experience, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner from Cologne has carved out a reputation in the mid-cap segment. […] One highlight was advice to a large west German supply company that had previously trusted in much larger M&A practices."

"Strengths: M&A […]."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2015/2016

"[…] Although the team only consists of ten lawyers, the 'above-average' law firm Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner covers a wide range of commercial law and has a remarkable strength in M&A. In the area of corporate law and M&A, Dirk Classen is valued for his 'diplomatic skills' and his 'assertiveness' during negotiations and at the interface between corporate law and labour law, Achim Fuhrmanns is highly recommended."

The Legal 500 Germany 2016

"Based on the large number of new clients, the recommended Law Firm in Cologne developed their business […] enormously […]. With a clear focus on M&A, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner gives advice to private equity investors and   small and medium-sized enterprises - mainly from the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The satisfaction of the longstanding clients with the quality of advice is reflected in frequent follow-up projects."

"Strengths: M&A […]."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2014/2015

"Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner shows further personnel and economic growth. This is due to the fact that the partnership remained true to its basic concept and was able to acquire an exceptional position by following their partner-centered approach and with their professional expertise in the M&A area. Therefore the partnership is very successful in providing individual and personal assistance to their clients which is the significant advantage over the major law firms."

Law Firms in Germany 2014 (Nomos)

"This recommended Cologne firm specializing in M&A continued its promising development of the previous year. For its small size, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner operates at a high level, with midsized deals comparable with those of large firms […]."

"Strengths: M&A transactions […]."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2013/2014

"Based on their previous employments in prestigious and international law firms, the founding partners have many years of experience and professional expertise in the field of Commercial Consulting and therefore cover the entire range of possible transaction structures. The partnership has focused on a field of work which is otherwise predominantly operated by major law firms. As a result, by concentrating on the strong international M&A business with small and medium-sized transactions as a small law firm, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner have acquired an exceptional position in the market."

Law Firms in Germany 2013 (Nomos)

"The young unit […] developed very positively. Not only the complexity of their M&A-transactions but also the number of cross border deals increased signifficantly."

"The experienced team of the Cologne-based law firm is specialised in small- and medium-sized transactions. In this field, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner is today recognised beyond regional borders by competitors."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2012/2013

"Having conducted a large number of complex, often transnational corporate transactions, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner has a high degree of specialisation in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions and was able to establish a strong position in this segment since its founding."

"Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner could not only keep the level of performance of their first business year, but also increase it. The partnership has already acquired an exceptional position as a small law firm in a field of work which is otherwise predominantly operated by major law firms. The partners benefit from their partner-centered approach and many years of experience in prestigious law firms. Precisely for that reason they are able to ensure an individual and highly qualified advise for their clients."

Law Firms in Germany 2012 (Nomos)

"By recommendations and the network of 'best friend' law firms and corporate finance advisers remarkably many nationwide clients found their way to this respected law firm in Cologne."

"The Cologne practice enjoys an excellent reputation among young companies and strategic investors for transactions in the Small- and Mid-Cap-Segment. Clients appreciate the “availability at any time and the economic understanding” at Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner. At last the contacts to several investment companies could be expanded."

"Strengths: M&A transactions."

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2011/2012

"The partners Dr. Dirk Classen, Frauke Classen and Dr. Achim Fuhrmanns – who worked already together at Picot – have due to their previous jobs at prestigious law firms many years of experience in business consulting."

"In the first year of its independence, the law firm handled some notable mandates. The young firm focuses primarily on young companies and family businesses, benefiting from the long experience of the three partners in prestigious law firms. For the founding partners, it is now to continue successfully the good first year in their business."

Law Firms in Germany 2011 (Nomos)

"A young outfit which has acquired a reputation as a respected firm in Cologne within just a short space of time since opening its doors. The Picot spin off boasts extensive transactional experience in the mid-range market segment, including cross-border activity. The core client base of media and advertising agencies, private equity companies and financial advisors eagerly takes up the team's services. […]"

JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2010/2011