Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner advised metapeople Group on merger with NetBooster Group

Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner has advised the shareholders of metapeople Group on the merger with NetBooster Group


Established in 1999 by Marco Ciachera and Tim Ringel, the metapeople Group has become one of the most competitive digital communication companies in Germany and Switzerland. Recognized as one of the best German-speaking agencies in itsmarket for search, display, affiliation and social marketing, the metapeople Group currently boasts iconic customers in the sectors retail, telecoms, travel, banking and insurance, owing to its multi-channel approach and the expertise of almost 100 staffmembers working in 25 languages. Besides the metapeople GmbH and the metaapes GmbH, the metapeople Group includes several subsidiary companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

NetBooster is one of the leading independent digital marketing agencies in Europe. With its head office located in France, it was founded in 1998 and has offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, South-East Asia and China.

The merger strengthens NetBooster’s position as one of the biggest independent digital marketing agency. At the same time, the metapeople Group expands itsinternational network and expertise in all product sectors.

On the side of the metapeople Group, the transaction was legally assisted by Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner under the leadership of Dr. Dirk Classen.