"Law Firms in Germany 2012" confirms CFPA's further market expansion and strong positioning

The recently published 13th edition of the renowned Handbook „Law Firms in Germany 2012“ confirms further expansion of Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner’s market position and a strong positioning in the M&A area

The handbook, which had already included Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner in the list of the leading German corporate law firms in the last year, explains: 

„Having conducted a large number of complex, often transnational corporate  transactions, Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner has a high degree of  specialisation in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions and was able to  establish a strong position in this segment since its founding.“   

After a detailed observation of the development, the special expertise as well as the philosophy of Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner, the handbook comes to the following conclusion:   

„Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner could not only keep the level of performance of  their first business year, but also increase it. The partnership has already  acquired an exceptional position as a small law firm in a field of work which is  otherwise predominantly operated by major law firms. The partners benefit  from their partner-centered approach and many years of experience in  prestigious law firms. Precisely for that reason they are able to ensure an  individual and highly qualified advise for their clients.“   

After extensive research and interviews with clients, competitors and other market observers, the team of 20 legal editors decides about the inclusion in the Handbook “Law Firms in Germany”.

The contents of the handbook are publicly available on the website   

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