Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner advises founding partner of chocri on sale of its shares to Riegelein

Riegelein, the specialist for seasonal chocolate products has acquired over two-thirds of the shares of Germany's biggest online-confectionery chocri. The sellers were Ritter Sport and one of the two founding partners of chocri.

Founded in 2008 by Franz Duge and Michael Bruck, chocri GmbH has successfully focussed on the trend of "mass customization". The company offers customized chocolate bars (ingredients can be elected by the customers themselves) using blogs and social media tools for customer retention as well as for acquiring new customers.  With this business model, the two founders had won the prestigious "WirtschaftsWoche Start-up Competition" in 2009. The Berlin-based company employs up to 100 employees during the high season.

In the future, the chocri GmbH should continue to be active in the market independently within the Riegelein-Group under the leadership of its co-founder Michael Bruck, who remains shareholder of the company.


On the side of the founding partner Franz Duge, the transaction was legally assisted by Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner under the leadership of Dr. Dirk Classen. Classen Fuhrmanns & Partner has already given legal advice to the two founding partners Franz Duge and Michael Bruck on the investment by Ritter Sport.


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